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Brand Story

Vaani Beswal is a Calcutta based Fashion Label into Women and Men’s wear. 

We, at Vaani Beswal are an Environment conscious Label. All of our Fabrics are hand woven and hand loomed.

Each of our ensemble is customised at the very beginning of the yarn stage keeping in mind the vibe of Inspiration and the Individual.


All of our Fabrics are Organic derived from cotton and silk and are completely eco friendly to be given back to the Mother Earth. 


Our Fabrics are done from the scratch, benefiting from the farmers to the weavers and even the tailors.
Every individual wearing our clothes can feel soul full and connected to the roots of our Country. We make sure that nothing is outsourced from outside our country.


We also ensure to support the weavers of India and verify  that everything is woven by them with attention to detail , including the cotton, silk and zari blends. Our artisans have been working on these weaves for generations processing skills that are specific to the local culture. 


Handcrafted with love by our Artisans, our fabrics have been made to customise for a comfortable and minimalistic look.

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